Report on the ARS Rendezvous

By Russ Carpenter, AA7QU
The ARS Sojourner
On Friday, August 24, eight eager hikers gathered at the trailhead for Berley Lakes, in the Mt Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon Cascades. Our group included:

    Wes Hayward, W7ZOI
    Derry Spittle, VE7QK
    Brian Wingert, N7RVD
    Allan Taylor, K7GT
    Roger Hayward, KA7EXM
    Dan Taylor, Allan's brother
    Russ Carpenter, AA7QU
    Ed Kessler, AA3SJ

Later, we were joined by Bob Larkin, W7LUA, Rick Campbell, KK7B.

It is customary for outdoor writers to dwell on harrowing tales of bad weather, ferocious animals, and death marches. I am embarrassed to report that we had idyllic weather, gorgeous scenery, friendly flora and fauna, and a reasonable hike. We established camp at the east end of Lower Berley Lake, with a knock out view of Three Fingered Jack. After a certain number of amusingly goofy rock throws, we had antennas running in every direction.

On Saturday, most of the group made a bushwhack ascent of Maxwell Butte. Following a few last minute repairs to the 20 meter rig, contacts were made by Ed Kessler. Meanwhile, Bob Larkin got his 2 meter stuff going and entertained flatlanders in California and Oregon.

Saturday night and Sunday morning, the group did just enough operating to keep ourselves honest. The real thrill was exchanging tall stories, interspersed with ideas about electronics. How many times do ordinary citizens (like me) get to trade concepts with the world-class thinkers of amateur radio (like the two Haywards, Campbell, Larkin, and Spittle)?

Here are some things we will remember from the ARS Rendezvous:

    • Derry Spittle's astonishingly successful operations on 75 meter SSB,

    • Wes Hayward's nonstop experience and wisdom,

    • Roger Hayward's value system about ham radio and the back country,

    • Bob Larkin's cheerful demeanor and spectacular technical imagination,

    • Rick Campbell's insightful remarks and his phasing receiver, which in the ideal radio conditions of Berley Lake, sounded like Carnegie Hall,

    • Brian Wingert's clear thinking and wry sense of humor,

    • Allan Taylor's wonderful backwoods competencies,

    • Dan Taylor's heartfelt enthusiasm for human history,

    • Ed Kessler's expert insights on philosophy and religion


Russ Carpenter, AA7QU, is a cofounder of The Adventure Radio Society.