KX1 TO THE FIELD: A tidy, durable carrying case

By Weymouth Walker, K8EAB
Special to The ARS Sojourner

My Elecraft KX1 QRP transceiver (Serial No. 104) is on the air and working A-OK.

Although I am not a hiker or backpacker, I frequently operate from weekend rental cabins, hotel rooms, and other locations away from home.

I have adapted a Pelican 1120 case for carrying and protecting my KX1. The accompanying photographs show how it all fits together.

Pelican case prices can be viewed at <http://www.all-pelican-cases-4-less.com/>.

By the way, I have no affiliation with Pelican.

I cannot imagine that any radio amateur who hikes or backpacks and wants to take a radio along for portable and trail operations would not look seriously at the KX1. In my opinion, there simply is no other QRP radio with as much performance and as many features in such a small and light-weight package for the cost.

I am now wondering what the gang at Elecraft will come up with next. And frankly, I can't wait see it!
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Weymouth Walker, K8EAB, is a QRPer living in Cumming, GA.