By Paul Signorelli, WØRW
Special to The ARS Sojourner

A week after I finished building my Black Paraset transceiver, I took it out at night for a pedestrian mobile – PM – test run on 40 meters.

It is totally amazing to me that I could work coast to coast using the Paraset with an 8 foot whip on 40 meters. I have done it with the KX1 before and it always amazes me.

I worked several stations on Feb. 14, 2005: WØAV, George, MO; W1PID, Jim, NH; NFØR, Dave, MO; W3FF, Budd, CA; VE1GPL, Gerry, NS; KE6WAR, Rich, Lake Isabella, CA; and KQ6XA , Bonnie, CA .

There were at least 5 other stations worked, I just forgot their calls. Other stations who copied me were: KG4FSN, Juan, South FL; KE3OQ, Mike, PA.

A few guys did not have any idea that I was operating PM using a Paraset. They just heard me calling CQ and answered.

We’re having a mild winter here in Colorado and PM operation at night can be dangerous because of the bears in the area. Operation at night is cool because the Paraset 'Tank' and 'Antenna' panel lamps blink on and off with your keying making long eerie blinking shadows across your face.

The Paraset is a WWII Spy Radio. It is like a vacuum tube KX1. It uses a 6V6 as a crystal oscillator / transmitter and has about 2 watts output.

You can see details on W7EKB’s web site at:

Also you’ll find them at IK0MOZ's web site at:

There is a Paraset Yahoo group. Send an email to for a subscription. Wouldn’t it be great if this were a club project and someone was able to produce a hundred chassis?

The first picture shows the Paraset in operation right after I worked Texas on 7038.5 KHz. The Paraset has a built-in key on the lower right corner.

The backpack contains a BB590 NiCad battery and a Motorola Vibrator power supply. The antenna is mounted on the backpack frame and I use a 30-foot drag wire for a counterpoise.

This is how I operate the KX1 / pm – except the Paraset is four times bigger than the KX1 and the KX1 doesn’t require a backpack power supply.

The second picture shows a close up of the Black Paraset in its case.

I contacted 65 stations with my Paraset during the 2 / 7 / 05 Sprint contest on 40 meters with a dipole antenna.
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Paul Signorelli, WØRW, is a avid QRPers, pedestrian mobile operator and outdoorsman living in Colorado Springs, CO.